Remote help

Remote Help s a tool which enables us to perform quick servicing regardless of the place you are at that moment. Please download the TeamViewer QuickSupport application prior to your online appointment.

How does remote help work?


Arrange a suitable day and time for the online meeting with our technician.


Prior to the online meeting, kindly download the TeamViewer QuickSupport application. This application, designed for remote help, won`t be at any time installed on your computer. It just enables the remote servicing to take place and starts running after having been downloaded.


Once the TeamViewer QuickSupport starts functioning, it automatically generates a one-time ID and user password. You don`t have to write these down. They will stay visible during the entire running of the program.


You will communicate the generated one-time ID and password to our servicing technician. He will wait until you give explicit permission for him to access your computer.


During the whole time the technician is working on your computer, you are able to see exactly what he is doing, as if he was sitting at your side. The technician can also explain exactly what he is doing and why.


When the task is successfully completed, you then switch the application off and nobody will be able to reconnect to your computer using the same set of passwords.

Is the remote servicing of my computer safe?

During the entire time the servicing technician is connected to your computer, you can see everything he does as if he was sitting by your side. He cannot perform any steps you wouldn’t be aware of. You can also ask the technician at any time exactly what he is doing and why. In case you wouldn`t be connected during the servicing through telephone, the TeamViewer channel offers a chat option for communication between the person connected from the outside and the hosting user. The moment you switch the application off, the connection is terminated, and no one from the outside can access your computer without you knowing about it and giving permission.

You can find more about the safety and the principles of using the TeamViewer application directly on the developer’s web-site.

Collection of personal data

We don`t collect any of your personal or contact data during the remote help session. The entire communication is encrypted and the numeric codes we exchange cannot in any way lead to a personal identification.

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